How to Know about UVB Tanning Beds

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UVB light is also known as shortwave ultraviolet rays. It is considered as the main instigator of skin reddening, sunburn as well as skin inflammation. Even if UVB light merely goes into the exterior of your skin when compared to the UVA version which goes deeply on your skin, it is considered a hazard to skin cancer. If you want to have a tan made from a salon bed or booth, make sure not to expose yourself in it tremendously to make certain that your optimal health will not be in jeopardy. This is why you have to know about UVB tanning beds.UVB Tanning Beds

Tip #1: Knowing about the types of UVB tanning beds.

One of the most common types of UVB tanning beds that are usually used for tanning are known as high pressure tanning beds. These types of tanning beds include quartz bulbs that aim the top of the customer’s body for the initial 12 minutes then the remaining 12 minutes will be for the tanning of the customer’s base body. The word “high pressure” was obtained from the method the bulbs were assembled. The gases in the quartz bulbs sustain a force merely on top distinctive pressure to let the careful straining structure that prevents almost all the UVB shaft of lights from oozing. High pressure bed presents a superior tanning in just a short period of time.

Tip #2: Knowing the comparison between the types of tanning beds with UVB light.

Compared to high pressure beds, traditional tanning beds like medium pressure and low pressure beds maintain gases in the bulbs lower than atmospheric pressure. They contain elevated facial lamps than the traditional medium and low pressure beds and allow only a little proportion of UVB light to enter the skin.

Medium and low pressure tanning beds are the most ordinary types of tanning beds that are established in salons as well as spas. They ooze a comparable fraction of UVB and UVA light like the sun. Using a low pressure bed will let you be exposed to UVB light for about three to six percent. The disadvantage of this type of tanning is that you will have a lengthy period of obtaining a tan for the reason that these types of beds imitate the rays of the sun.

Tip #3: Knowing the benefits of UVB tanning beds.

Since UVB light helps in the development of vitamin D, the risk for you to acquire illnesses such as heart attack, stroke, osteoporosis, prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer is lessened. It will also help you avoid sunburn, unlike when you are exposed to the natural sun rays. The beneficial radiance you acquire from tanning beds will intensify your self-confidence because you appear to be healthier.

Tip #4: Knowing the disadvantages.

An extensive UVB exposure will compel your skin to exfoliate every five or 10 days unlike the natural body exfoliation cycle which allows your skin to discard every 28 days. The UVB light is the main instigator of sunburn as well as skin reddening. Aside from that, it is also a contributing factor to photo-aging as well as assortments of skin cancer.

There are facts to take note of when you want to know more about UVB tanning beds. These are elaborated further in the benefits, disadvantages and other tips mentioned above.

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