How to Use Sunless Tanning Tips

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Sunless tanning has become popular over the last few years especially to those who are young busy professionals who no longer find time to naturally tan. There are several numbers of tanning products available in the market that can help you have that natural healthy looking glow. Here are some sunless tanning tips to ensure you can achieve a great result from the process.

Tip #1: Know your options

There is airbrush tanning. This is usually done in tanning salons where in your body gets tanned by the use of a machine spraying a self-tanning agent evenly onto your body. Then there are tanning creams which are available at your local pharmacy and this can be used like a body lotion by spreading it evenly over the body once a day until a sunless tan is achieved.

Tip #2: Know these – wash, scrub and moisturize.

Before undergoing any type of tanning you must prepare your skin first. You may have a shower and exfoliate your body. You can use a loofah or a body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. This way it will help even out your sunless tan. Make sure to keep your skin moisturized also with a body lotion. Moisturizing it will help retain your tan for a longer period of time and keep your skin healthy too.Sunless Tanning Tips

Tip #3: Don’t overdo it.

Usually the most common problem with sunless tanning is that it makes your skin turn into orange. Just like tanning under the sun, you can over-expose your skin too to sunless tanning. You must choose an airbrush tan or tanning cream that looks close to your skin when tanning outdoors so that it will not look fake. The use of sunless tanning is to achieve a healthy glow and not to have a dark tan. If your skin turns slightly orange, try using lemon juice to minimize the color.

Tip #4: Apply moisturizer.

Apply moisturizer to elbows, knees and heels before using a sunless tanner. Since these parts of your body are generally dryer than other areas, they can absorb too much of the tanner which makes them look darker in the end. Be sure to wear gloves when tanning to prevent orange palms.

Tip #5: Tan each part of the body.

Make sure to tan each part of the body fully before moving onto the next part which means you have to tan an entire arm completely before moving on to the next arm. For a better result you can ask a friend to help you tan unreachable areas like your back.

Tip #5: Make sure to cover all of your bases.

Make sure to cover all bases, making your hairline a tanner look, not forgetting your ears and behind it and carefully applying the lotion to your face and eyelids and be sure not to get the lotion into your eyes. When you are almost done, remove your gloves and apply lotion lightly to your hands and be sure to get in between your fingers and around your nails.

Tip #6: Mimic a natural tan.

You must mimic a natural tan when you apply tanner to your arms. A natural tan means lighter on the underside of the arms than the tops. To achieve a natural look, apply the product to the tops of the arms and then blend around going to the underarms.

Tip #7: Remain nude after application

To finalize sunless tanning, remember to remain nude for around 30 minutes after the application so that the product can be absorb by the skin evenly. Remember that sweating, swimming or folds in your clothing can create streaks before the lotion sets.

These tips will surely get the best out of the sunless tanning investment. When you have followed these tanning tips, you will never go wrong.

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