How to Tan at a Tanning Salon and Use them to Your Advantage

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Tanning salons have become a part of the everyday life of busy people. Going to tanning salons will give you the convenience of tanning than going through under the sun for several hours to tan. Besides, tanning at a tanning salon is so quick that it only requires 10 minutes of your time to get that natural looking tan. However to achieve a deep, dark tan, you need to go to the tanning salon regularly and you need maintenance before and after tanning. Follow the steps below on how to tan in a tanning salon to achieve that desired tan for the year round.

Tip #1: Choose the tanning bed you want to use.

You have to decide first on what tanning bed you want to use. It can be a vertical or horizontal bed. If you want to use a vertical one, you have to stand up while tanning and if you choose a horizontal bed, you have to lie down during the process. Once you have decided on what to use, you have to contact any tanning salon within your area and inquire if you can become a member.

Tip #2: Ask for their monthly specials.

You can ask the owner of the tanning salon about their offer for the month. There are those tanning salons that offer unlimited tan for one month for a certain fee. You can compare prices of several salons and decide which place would be best for you. You must know that it is cheaper to pay monthly than paying per session.Tan at a Tanning Salon

Tip #3: Apply light sunscreen.

You need to apply light sunscreen for the first two tanning sessions so as to ensure that you do not get burned severely. However if you have a dark complexion, you need not to apply. It is necessary to be cautious and must take precaution always for your own safety.

Tip #4: Visit the tanning salon consistently.

Going to the tanning salon consistently can help you develop a base tan. At least 6-8 tanning sessions in two weeks’ time is recommended to be able to achieve a deep, dark base tan. Separate each tanning session by not more than a day or two depending on your skin type or if you have a hard time tanning.

Tip #5: Build up your resistance to UVA and UVB rays.

Try to build up your resistance to both the UVA and UVB rays found in the tanning bed. Your resistance will result in a darker tan. Keep staying in the bed for as long as you can before burning.

Tip #6: Purchase a tanning lotion

The use of indoor tanning lotion can help accelerate the results from a tanning salon. These lotions have specific ingredients that only work under the lamps of a tanning bed. Besides helping you achieve a darker tan, these lotions keep your skin moisturized while tanning also.

Tip #7: Maintain your base tan and keep yourself hydrated.

Tan at least two times a week with maximum intensity to maintain your base tan. Always moisturize your skin with body lotion after tanning to keep your skin hydrated. Supple skin tans better and let your dark tan stay longer.

Tip #8: Renew your membership

You can renew your monthly membership if you are satisfied with the result and their service. Otherwise, you can try another tanning salon.

Using tanning salons to get that sun-kissed glow in your skin is a good option. Remember how to use them to your advantage.

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