How to Tan with Carrot Oil with 7 Facts to Consider

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Carrot oil is utilized to obtain a more secured and profound tan. It includes elevated quantities of carotenoids, organic tinctures along with strong antioxidant properties. Antioxidants shield skin cells from the harmful result of environmental pollutants like those made by UV energy of the sun. Research points out that one of the kinds of carotenoid known as beta-carotene is efficient in shielding the skin against photo-damage. Even if there are still more studies required to prove the benefits of carrot oil, it is still used for tanning. Carrot oil does not tender shield from the sun so that it should be utilized together with sunscreen to prevent skin burning. Here is how you can specifically tan with carrot oil

Tan with Carrot Oil

Tan with Carrot Oil

Tip #1: Learn the proper process of massaging the oil on the skin.

Massage the carrot oil onto damp skin, preferably right after taking a shower or bath. You must do the massaging for as much as seven days prior to exposing yourself to the sun. Make sure to rubdown the carrot oil on a damp skin every morning prior to sun exposure. You must also try to rubdown carrot oil on your entire body each evening following sun exposure.

Tip #2: Protect your skin.

Put on sunscreen that contains approximately SPF 30 on top of the carrot oil. However, if your skin is light, use higher SPF to avoid burning your skin easily. It is important that you should apply sunscreen again every two hours throughout sun exposure and right after swimming.

Tip #3: Know the facts about carrot oil.

Using carrot oil to tan your skin is still new in the business of self tanning. Carrot oil is used to shield your skin from the harmful ultraviolet energy of the sun and will assist tanners to obtain the bronze tan they want. Since ultraviolet energy from the sun can causes extreme skin damage, lots of people who want to obtain tan try to find a tanning process that cannot tremendously harm their skin.

Tip #4: Learn how carrot tanning oil came into being.

In view of this, sunbathers are now implementing the use of carrot tanning oil. The research conducted regarding the safe use of carrot oil showed that when it is used topically together with sunscreens, it can help avoid the harmful effects of the sun. Carrot tanning oil is a blend of oil and orange extract derived from carrots that have carotenoids, or antioxidants which can help prevent cell injury from environmental pollutants.

Tip #5: Learn how carrot oil combats free radicals and cell injury.

Cell injury caused by free radicals can lead to various conditions such as cancer and untimely aging. You can obtain similar antioxidants from consuming carrots but you will not achieve a golden sun tan. It is also important for you to learn that the golden tan from carrot oil does not contain additional orange hue from the carrots. In reality, aside from the antioxidant contents of carrots, it also contains more than 600 types of carotenoids.

Tip #6: Learn about beta-carotene and its role in carrot oil.

The beta-carotene content of several tanning products are just one of the 600 carotenoids obtained from carrot. Aside from the beta-carotene found in carrot, it still contains an additional strong antioxidant known as tocopheryl or vitamin E, which is efficient in healing sunburned skin as well as in lessening the harmful results of UVR.

Tip #7: Learn about blending carrot oil with sunscreen.

The most recent studies conducted showed that blending carrot oil together with conventional sunscreen is the most efficient means to acquire an excellent tan. It will keep your skin secure from cancer. Even if the cost of carrot oil is quite high, it doesn’t matter compared to the favorable results you will get.

Carrot oil is just one of the tanning oils you can make use of to get that sun-kissed glow on your skin. Inquire about this product and see if it will do work for you.

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