How to Know about Side Effects of Fake Tanning Sprays with 7 Important Tips

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Lots of individuals, particularly women, desire to have a perfect tan. However, almost all of the process of tanning can give side effects. Stretching under the sun can result to sunburn and the enduring results of sunbathing include untimely aging of the skin and skin cancer. Although tanning sprays are considered secure to use, it cannot still be denied that they contain several awful side effects as well. You need to be conscious and learn about the side effects of fake tanning sprays before using them.

Side Effects of Fake Tanning Sprays

Side Effects of Fake Tanning Sprays

Tip #1: Learn about DHA and its effects on the skin.

One of the chemical substances included in fake tanning sprays known as dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This can result to dehydrated skin, contact dermatitis, irritation of the hair follicles, skin irritation and rash. Also, you might experience allergic response to DHAs or additional chemicals included in a fake tanning spray.

Tip #2: Learn how it may harm you like the UV rays of the sun.

A fake tanning spray does not guarantee you that you will be safe from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It can make your skin darker thus you will most likely acquire sunburn if you are not going to put on sunscreen on top of the spray tan.

Tip #3: Learn the importance of using the product properly.

Even if the use of DHA is supported by the Food and Drug Administration, you must utilize it only on the surface. If by chance you had inhaled the mist from the spray or it goes through your eyes, you will be instigating harm to yourself. Furthermore, once you make a decision to utilize a fake tanning spray, you must make sure that it will not go through your eyes, lips or mucous membranes.

Tip #4: Take the patch test.

If your skin is extremely sensitive, simulated tanning in whatever variety can result to inflammation. It is necessary that you should make a patch test first on a small part of your body before applying it all over your skin. Even if your skin is not sensitive, fake tanning can still result to skin dehydration, which is attributed to chemicals that are incorporated in the product. In view of this, even if you acquire a glowing skin, that is only superficial because beneath the glow is peeling, dehydrated skin.

Tip #5: Learn if it can yield natural results.

Fake tanning spray might also result to unnatural looking tan because you might not have applied it properly. Another thing is that it may darken your skin, but with imperfections and lines.

Tip #6: Learn its effects on other things aside from your skin.

Even though fake tanning sprays will not enduringly harm your skin, they can lastingly harm your clothing and other things in your house. The dyes used in tanning sprays can still stain your clothes and other things, particularly if you sweat out once you put on your clothes. Another thing is that even if fake tanners are advertised to dry right away, there are still particles that will be left behind once you remove your clothes. It can even stain your floors.

Tip #7: Learn about its cost.

Fake tanning can also be costly, particularly if you want to make sure that it is performed thoroughly and correctly. The inexpensive types of fake tanning sprays that are obtainable in beauty supply shops or drugstores frequently result to streaks and an orange hue on your skin.

There may be tanning dangers of fake tanning sprays as mentioned above. If you want to avoid them, you have to make sure you buy the right tanning spray. Weigh in the cost with the effects as well.

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