How to Stand in Tanning Booths

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A twist to the traditional tanning bed where you lie down is the stand up tanning booths. A tanning booth is shaped like a capsule where you walk into it, then stand for the whole tanning session. Inside is a ceiling fan that helps keep you cool during the tanning process. Wonder how to stand in tanning booths? Here are some important considerations to take note of.

Stand in Tanning Booths

Stand in Tanning Booths

Tip #1: Ask why people prefer stand up tanning booths.

Most people prefer a stand up tanning booth because they feel more comfortable and this creates a more even tan all over. It is also more sanitary in a way that the only part of your body that touches an area that someone else did is your feet. You can even wear thin slippers or sandals if you want to.

Tip #2: Learn how much time you spend tanning in them.

Another reason why tanners prefer stand up tanning booths is getting a tan faster than a traditional tanning bed. You can cut your tanning time in half time and achieve the same great results. However, there are some who are unsure on how to stand in a tanning booth to maximize results.

Tip #3: Prepare.

Just prepare a protective eye gear and an indoor tanning lotion. When preparing to enter the tanning booth, you need to undress and apply tanning lotion onto your entire body and don’t forget to put on your protective eye gear. Make sure that your eye gear has a strap that goes around the head so that it will not fall off. If ever you have a long hair, you must put it in a pony tail on the top of your head to make sure that you tan the tops of your shoulders as well as the back of your neck properly.

Tip #4: Use the booth.

Step inside the tanning booth and push the button to turn on the machine. You must check the specific instructions of the machine if you are not sure on how to do it.

Tip #5: Put your hands on the loops.

Most stand-up tanning booths have loops located on its top. These loops are where you have to put your hands during the tanning process. If a stand-up tanning booth has no loops, just simply hold your arms over your head as often as possible during tanning.

Tip #6: Place your feet on the bottom of the machine.

At the bottom of the machine, you can find spots where you can place your feet. This is indicated in many ways depending on the type of the tanning booth but usually shown by two Xs. In some cases that you cannot see any marks to place your feet, just stand directly in the center of the tanning booth with your feet approximately one foot apart.

Tip #7: Keep some reminders in mind.

For best tanning results, exfoliate the night before you go under a stand-up tanning booth. This is to remove dead skin from your body and this will also let the tan to penetrate deeper and faster. Moisturize your skin in the morning before entering a stand-up tanning booth and apply moisturizer also after the tanning process. All tanning methods have several health risks so it is important to consult a dermatologist or a tanning professional before tanning. This way, he can give you some information whether tanning is right for you or not.

Standing in tanning booths is not as difficult as you think it is. With a few reminders to bear in mind and by learning techniques on how to position your hands and feet, you will be able to stand comfortably inside the tanning equipment.

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