4 Quick Steps on How to Change Tanning Bed Lamps

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People use tanning beds in order to get a tan without having to lie down and expose themselves under the sun for hours and damage their skin in the process. Tanning beds typically consists of fluorescent lamps which act as the sun’s rays do. With constant and continued use, the lamps no longer become effective as they used to be, thus resulting to the fact that you may not get the exact tan you want. Don’t worry. You can change the tanning bed lamps on your own. All you need are simple cleaning materials to use in cleaning these lamps.Change Tanning Bed Lamps

Step #1: Prepare

Prepare all the materials that you will need in order for you to change fluorescent lamps on your tanning bed such as cotton cloth for cleaning and the number of fluorescent lamps that you will need to change. If the starters on your tanning beds are busted you may need to purchase new starters. You can buy these from the hardware stores .You just need to tell them what type of tanning bed you have and they will know what type of fluorescent bulb to give you.

Step #2: Clean and Remove

Clean your tanning bed with a cotton cloth by wiping the surfaces to get rid of all the dust that has accumulated on it. Carefully remove the tanning bed apart and start removing the old fluorescent bulbs. Safely detach the acrylic covering and set it aside. Handle them with needed care and never put force while removing them from the tanning bed since they may break and this can be dangerous. Test the old starters if they are still working before you start replacing old bulbs with new ones.

Step #3: Replace

Make sure that the bulbs are inserted in the correct position. When everything is ready, you can use the cotton cloth to wipe the bulbs. Replace the acrylic covering of the tanning bed.  Dispose old bulbs properly. Gather the old light bulbs and do not mix them in with the regular garbage that you have. To make sure, you should put labels on the garbage for identification that tanning bed lamps are found inside.

Step #4: Read

There are a lot of manuals on how to change and install tanning bulbs. Just read the instruction thoroughly. Additional lamps can effectively tan the face area. Leg tanning kits will also work like face tanning lamps except that they have more UVB for more melanin stimulation.

So there you go! These are easy steps on how you can change the tanning bed lamps on your tanning bed. It is advisable to check and change the bulbs once every six months. You can determine if the bulbs need changing by looking at the bulbs when you power up the tanning bed. If it will take you a few seconds for the bulb to light up, it may need changing. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced tanning salon owner or just a home tanner; all you need are simple materials and few hands to help you out. You may also want some additional face tanning kits.

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