How to Relieve a Tanning Bed Burn Using a Number of Simple Tips

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A tanning bed burn is a result of staying too long in a tanning bed or overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays of the device. The tan level of a person or her skin tone plays an important role on how severe the burn may be. A mild burn causes the skin to redden and burn but does not blister while a severe burn blister requires medical treatment. However there are some ways to follow to heal both mild and severe burns at home. Here are tips on how to relieve a tanning bed burn.

Relieve a Tanning Bed Burn

Relieve a Tanning Bed Burn

For Mild Tanning Bed Burn

Tip #1: Have a cool shower

So as to soothe your reddened skin, you can take a cool shower or bath. Avoid using warm or cold water. In addition to this, add some vinegar or cooked oatmeal to your bath to help speed the healing process.

Tip #2: Use Aloe vera or lotions

After taking a bath, apply aloe vera or lotion with aloe vera ingredient. You can use Noxzema to provide a cooling effect on your burnt skin and to help the skin heal faster.

Tip #3: Resort to cool compress

Apply cool compresses to your burnt skin the whole day. You can also add milk to the mixture to enhance the healing process. To relieve the pain, take some pain reliever such as Tylenol or Advil.

For Severe Tanning Bed Burn

Tip #1: Apply antibiotic ointment

Before treating the infected skin, wash your hands first before applying an antibiotic ointment. After applying the ointment, use sterilized gauze to wrap the skin and prevent infection.

Tip #2: Take pain medicine

You can take some pain medicine to ease the pain so that you can feel more comfortable. This is the same as that of the one recommended for minor or mild tanning bed burns.

Tip #3: Consult your doctor

If you have severe burn, you can go to your doctor for some treatment. He is more capable of treating severe burn.

Using Cube Ice (For Both Types of Burns)

Tip #1:  Have a cool bath

For a fresh burn, avoid applying a lotion since it locks in the heat making the burn worse. You can have a cool bath instead for around 15 minutes every couple of hours. Although it requires a lot of your time, this can be a great help. Do not use too cold water because this can make you chill.

Tip #2: Fill the bathroom sink with cold water and ice cubes

If your face is the one being burnt, fill your bathroom sink with cold water and put some ice cubes in the water. You can use cold water with your face since your face cannot get chilled. You can also do the same when taking a bath, dip your face into the water for a few seconds and repeat it every 15 minutes doing this for every couple of hours.

Tip #3: Use moisturizing lotion after.

After the burn has healed a bit, you can apply some moisturizing lotion to the affected areas so as to prevent peeling. Avoid sun exposure and stay away from tanning salon until your burn is already healed.

These are tips you must consider whether you have mild or severe tanning bed burns. It is important to keep the areas affected cool at all times to get rid of the pain that comes with the burn.

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