How to Heal Tanning Bed Burn in 6 ‘Easy to Comprehend with’ Tips

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A user may experience tanning bed burns when they will be overexposed to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the tanning bed. The person’s tan level prior to the burn and her/his skin tone plays an important factor on how severe the burn may be. For a mild burn, the skin will turn red and will burn, but does not blister. And for severe burns, blister will appear and would require medical attention, though there are remedies for healing both kinds at home. Learn how to specifically heal a tanning bed burn then.Heal Tanning Bed Burn

Tip 1: Know why it happens.

Tanning bed burns are very common among tanning bed lovers. And because the ultraviolet radiation inside a tanning bed is more concentrated than the UV rays typically encountered outdoors, tanning bed burns can happen in less time than exposing yourself under the sun. You have to be careful when using tanning beds because once sunburn occurs, the damage to your skin has already taken place.

Tip 2: Know where to start.

Treatment for sunburn concentrates on how to reduce pain and inflammation, preventing infection and speeding the recovery. Mild sunburns will heal within a few days, but for severe burns it may take weeks before it would completely heal. Likewise, you must prepare the things that you’ll need such as vinegar, aloe vera lotion, pain medication, cool compress, antibiotic ointment, gauze.

Tip 3: Treat mild tanning bed burns.

For mild burns, take a cool (not warm or cold) shower or bath to soothe the redness on your skin. To make the healing process faster, add some vinegar or cooked oatmeal to your bath to help your burn heal easily. Use aloe vera or lotions with aloe vera after taking a bath. Products like Noxzema will give you a cooling effect to your burnt skin and also promotes healing. You can also apply cold compress to your burn throughout the day to help you soothe the pain. Adding milk will also help in the healing process. If the pain is unbearable, you can take medicine such as Tylenol or Advil.

Tip #4: Pay attention to sever burns as well.

For severe pain, wash your hands before treating your blisters. Put an antibiotic ointment on the blisters and wrap them in sterile gauze to prevent infection. You can take some medicines to ease your pain such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Anti-inflammatory medicines are more effective when taken as soon as you feel the pain. You can also use hydrocortisone cream to reduce inflammation and ease your discomforts. Low dose hydrocortisone creams are available in pharmacies and grocery stores. As much as possible stay away from the sun or from tanning salons until your burn is completely healed.

Tip #5: Know what to basically do.

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and speed up the healing. Avoid the sun because it can cause fluid loss through the skin. Your body needs enough fluid to help you heal from the trauma of skin burns.

Tip #6: Go to the doctor.

Visit a doctor if blisters appear, or if you’re already experiencing fever, significant swelling and pain. Don’t peel live skins because this will put you at risk for infection. Always wash your hands before touching blisters or broken skin to avoid infection.

You can treat a tanning bed burn with utmost care. There are tips good for mild and severe ones. Make sure that you will also see your doctor when the need arises.

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