How to Replace Solar Storm Tanning Bed Bulbs with 6 Steps to Adhere to

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People have been praising you on how good you look with your nice tan. You look hot and make heads turn when you walk, but lately you don’t seem as tan as you wanted to be. You find it’s taking you longer to get that tan than it used to be. The obvious reason is that maybe you need to replace your tanning bed bulbs. Not every tanning bed is the same though. If you have your own solar storm tanning bed, changing the bulb will depend upon on the level of use. When you noticed that the bulb is starting to wear out, whether the tanning bed is for commercial use or private use, if bulbs are not replaced, it will take you longer to achieve the same level of tanning. Therefore you have to learn how to replace Solar Storm Tanning Bed Bulbs.Replace Solar Storm Tanning Bulbs

Step #1: Prepare everything.

The things that you’ll need are 18 type F71 full body tanning bulb, 6 type F71 face tanning bulb, and screwdriver. Just make sure that your tanning bed is unplugged and completely cooled. You could suffer from serious burns if your tanning bed were to turn on while replacing bulbs.

Step #2: Remove what needs to be removed.

You need to remove the plastic cover that shields the user from the bulbs. Use a screwdriver to remove the frame from the plastic cover and start with the upper bulbs first, so that you can comfortably sit on the lower shelf to change the bulb.

Step #3: Remove the bulbs.

Start removing the bulbs from left to right and replace it one at a time. Hold the bulb with one hand near each end of the bulb. Turn the bulb in 90 degrees or until you hear the connector pins click. It should come out from the tanning bed easily.

Step #4: Replace the bulbs.

Get the new bulb and insert it into the socket. Bring into line the pins at the end of the bulb so that they can easily slide into the socket on both end sides. Then turn the bulb into a quarter turn to lock the bulb completely. You will need to replace 12 bulbs for the lower bed and six regular bulbs, three on each side with six face tanning bulbs in the center of the canopy.

Step #5: Replace the body shield.

Put back the plastic body shield and repeat the procedure on the lower set of bulbs. Replace them one at a time. If you’re having a hard time sliding the bulb out, try rotating it on the other side.

Step #6: Make a record.

Record the date that you changed the bulb. This will help you determine your usage rate and will help you decide when to order new bulbs again.

Remember that not every tanning bed bulb is the same, so you should know first the bulb that you need before placing an order. There are also different bulb sizes, and the terminologies used by manufacturers are F59, F71, F72, F73, F74, and F79. If your tanning bed need only one facial tanning bed bulb, then it is most likely that your bed will have the one facial quartz tanning bulbs, and 2 long tube tanning bed bulbs. Before placing orders, make sure to count the number of bulbs needed for your tanning bed.

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