How to Suntan with Olive Oil Using 6 Things to Know

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Olive oil is obtained from green olives that had been picked and chosen from the stem of the olive tree. The oils that are obtainable in the market consist of virgin olive oils, processed, plain and light olive oil.  Olive oil is not only used for cooking or preparing foods. It includes wide-ranging uses, one of which is for suntan purposes. However, you should identify the right kind of olive oil to be used so that you will achieve the most desirable effect of it whether on food or your skin. Add to that, you must also learn how to suntan with olive oil.Olive Oil

Tip #1: Know about the types of olive oils.

The three most common olive oils available in the market include: extra virgin olive oil, virgin, refined olive oil and plain or light olive oil. The extra virgin oil is derived from the initial pressing of the oil from merely-ripened olives; while the virgin olive oil are derived from the olives that are much riper than the ones used in extra virgin oil. The refined olive oil is the one that began out with extra acid and has gone through another stage to create the acidity intensity. The plain or light olive oil is a mixture of virgin and refined oils.

Tip #2: Know how it can be used for tanning purposes.

Aside from the fact that olive oil is considered as an innate beauty help as well as the type of oil that contains lots of essential fatty acid, it is also enormous for tanning. The moisturizing mineral content of olive oil will be absorbed into your skin to make it softer, flatter and silkier. The luster of olive oil draws the heat of the sun which other products used for tanning cannot do. The olive oil will give your skin a deeper and browner tan and your tanning session will be much lesser.

Tip #3: Know how useful a suntan lotion from olive oil can be.

Sun tanning using olive oil is extremely useful because aside from providing you the tan you desire, the tanning period will also be lesser. If you want to acquire tan through olive oil, you should prepare one huge bottle extra virgin olive oil, huge towel, small rag and timer. It is very easy to use olive oil for suntan purposes.

Tip #4: Know how to make use of it.

Stretch out a huge towel on top of a tanning chair or bed. Regulate the time for 30 minutes and put it alongside your tanning chair. Thirty minutes is an excellent length of time to begin with. As soon as you notice that your skin is already reacting, you can modify the period you consume for tanning.

Tip #5: Know how to apply it properly.

Put on the olive oil generously to the petite, dry rug then massage the olive oil on the skin that will be first exposed to the sun. Be sure that your skin is dry as well. Start the timer as soon as you stretch out on your back then shut your eyes while you are tanning.

Tip #6: Know how to wrap things up.

As soon as the 30 minutes is finished, you can tan the back side of your body then apply olive oil on your back as well. You can already wipe down the olive oil on your face while you are tanning your back. You should also set the timer for 30 minutes while you are tanning your back. As soon as the tanning procedure is finished, you can eliminate the olive oil using plain soap and water.

These are things that need to be known when using olive oil as your suntan lotion. It helps to know that there is one great substitute you can make use of during the tanning process.

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BARRY THRIFT July 17, 2011 at 6:31 pm

Hi, I often use organic olive oil here in Greece, its from our own grove, and for makes a good suntan oil, its great for when I’m working outside, I either use it neat or in a mix with carrot oil, and up till now never burn when using it, and I find it leaves my skin soft.
So for me being a naturist its a natural thing to do.
Yours Barry thrift


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