4 Suntan Lotion Tips You Must Take Note of

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Men and women alike have different beauty routines. Some of them use a suntan lotion. Using this kind of lotion can enhance beautiful tans without suffering from sunburn which can cause them pain and uneven skin color. Suntan lotion can also help prevent skin cancer. However, using suntan lotion is not enough. There are proper ways to use it in order to achieve best results. Here are things to include in your suntan lotion tips.

Suntan Lotion Tips

Suntan Lotion Tips

Tip #1: Take note of the minimum required SPF

All suntan lotions are not alike and don’t have the same effects on different people. A suntan lotion with an SPF of 8 may give some people a golden tan but give burns to others. Better choose a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15. Persons with fair skin, sensitive skin or have skin that are prone to burning must use a higher SPF. A suntan lotion that has an SPF of 15 protects you from burns 15 times longer than those without. The amount of time you can go without any lotion before burning differs, so the 15 times will not last long if you have skin that burns quickly under the sun. If you can stay under the sun for example 5 minutes before burning, then SPF 15 would prevent you from burning 15 times 5 minutes which is equivalent to 75 minutes.

Tip #2: Don’t forget the problem areas

To achieve an even tan, apply the same amount of suntan lotion thoroughly in your entire body. Since there are some areas that are hard to reach especially the middle area of your back, you can ask someone to spread it evenly on those hard to reach areas to prevent unsightly burns and tan lines. The ears are areas that do not get enough lotion. If this happens, try to imagine how it looks if your face has that perfect foundation and is upstaged by red bright ears. The worse is it can lead to ear melanoma which is the most common and severe form of skin cancer.

Tip #3: Timing is important

It is not applicable to apply sunscreen after you move outdoors. This will be too late because it takes some time before the sunscreen deeps in. It is advisable to apply the suntan lotion 15 minutes before sun exposure. In some instances that you stay out in the sun for some time, you must reapply carefully the lotion as directed in the package. If you stay in the water or you play sports that make you sweat a lot, then you should also reapply the suntan lotion.

Tip #4: Inquire about sunless tanning

Try to look for the suntan lotion which fits you. There are some suntan lotions which can protect you from the sun and there are also suntan lotions that can make you look like you’ve been out in the sun although you are not. Sunless tanning lotions are good substitutes to sunbathing. They are safe and have no risk of sunburn or skin cancer. Just be careful in applying them to avoid uneven and streaky result. To avoid such results, you have to exfoliate before application and then apply the lotion to one area at a time evenly, following the instructions at the package. You can wear gloves in applying to avoid having darker hands.

There are easy and quick tips to consider when it comes to using suntan lotion. Timing is always of the essence but of course the manner of applying the lotion on the skin is also an important consideration to get best results.

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