How to Remove Sunless Tanner Streaks Using Solutions

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Have you finally decided to undergo sunless tanning? Have you actually experienced using sunless tanners? Do you end up dismayed because of the streaks you have seen after the process? Good news is you can remove sunless tanner streaks right in your own homes. You simply need some tips to adhere with.

Tip #1: Use a loofah.Remove Sunless Tanner Streaks

The loofah is used for scrubbing the skin. You can use it to prepare the skin during the sunless tanning process. It can also be used to get rid of dead skin cells thus providing you with lesser streaks than usual.

Tip #2: Use a baking soda.

The baking soda is a popular cleaning ingredient in the kitchen. It may also be used for various baking needs. Apart from these uses, it is important in removing streaks from sunless tanners as well. All you need to do is moisten the baking soda and from there you need to get a washcloth. Using the washcloth, rub it on a circular motion over the streaks.

Tip #3: Use lemon juice.

Another important natural technique to get rid of sunless tanner streaks is to use lemon juice. This is a popular item used for beautifying the skin and hair. It also has exfoliating effects that you may enjoy. You will also need a cotton ball in the process. This will be possible if you are dealing with smaller streaks. For larger streaks, you may cut the lemon in half then rub the juice directly on the affected areas.

Tip #4: Use alcohol.

Alcohol is a popular way to wash away germs from the body. Well, it is also good for removing streaks from sunless tanners. You will have to dip it into a cotton ball. Make sure you work with this slowly but surely. If possible, use it sparingly to avoid drying your skin.

Tip #5: Use an anti-dandruff shampoo.

You may find it peculiar to use such solution to the problem but it does work to provide you a more even looking tan. You should wait for some time, preferably one day to use the solution in order to lighten the streaks. Anti-dandruff shampoos have exfoliating effects as well. Rub it on your skin after lathering it up.

Tip #6: Use self-tanning towelettes.

These are made to make the tan look more evenly applied on the skin. Since this can add darker color to the skin, you can only make use of it when you have a lighter tan on your skin.

Tip #7: Use a commercial sunless tanner remover.

In case any of the above-mentioned techniques won’t work for you, you may make use of sunless tanner removers. You will find great brands that offer great solutions to your problem.

Before you even consider making use of sunless tanner removers available commercially, you must make use of cheaper items available at home. This may require time and effort compared to commercially sold items for sunless tanning but they are worth the try. When they don’t work, then you can always resort to more expensive items found over-the-counter.

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