How to Fix Sunless Tanner Disasters

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There are times wherein sunless tanning can result to streaks and uneven coloring on your skin. If this occurs, you can correct them as soon as possible. There are some ways to fix the disaster caused by sunless tanning to get back to your summertime radiance. If you are preparing to acquire a tan through a sunless tanner, make sure to obtain the most excellent type of sunless tanning product and the one that can give you an enduring result. Plus of course, you should know how to fix sunless tanner disasters as well.Fix Sunless Tanner

Tip #1: Prepare what you need.

Fixing the disaster caused by sunless tanner is moderately easy. You only need to prepare a sunless tanning remover cloth, exfoliating scrub, body mitt, towel, sunless tanning product, baking soda, washcloth, witch hazel, whitening toothpaste, and paper towel.

Tip #2: Fix huge parts by washing the rough part first.

Wash the rough part using a sunless tanning remover cloth. Make sure to wipe the part to take away the blemish as well as extra tint. Immerse the part of your body you desire to fix in a tub of tepid water. If you do not want to immerse your body in a tub, you can instead stand beneath a lukewarm shower.

Tip #3: Exfoliate.

Put on at least one fourth quantity of exfoliating scrub on a body mitt then massage the part of your body rigorously to eliminate the extra tint. Immerse or stand beneath the shower approximately two minutes to wash off the tanning products you had put on your body.

Tip #4: Reapply the sunless tanner of your choice.

As soon as you got out of the shower or tub, make sure to tap your skin dry. Fix the tanning error by means of putting on again the tanning product on the parts of your body. Make sure to put on the tanning product efficiently and uniformly by means of extended rubs then remove the extra tanning product using a paper towel.

Tip #5: Allow the sunless tanner to work.


Let the sunless tanning product dry out fully as directed before wetting your skin or taking a bath. It will take about 24 hours before the tanning product to dry. You can apply again the sunless lotion all over your body as well as the other parts of your body that need to be repaired to smoothen out the disparities of the tint among the healing and the first application.

Tip #6: Create slight patch-ups

Moisten a washcloth using lukewarm water and press away any extra liquid. Crease the cloth into one fourth dimension and shake over one of the surface with a tablespoon of baking soda. Massage the baking soda on the area of your skin that you desire to repair. The innate coarseness of the soda will help eliminate the uneven tan. However, you must not use this type of solution on the fragile skin of your face. Wash away the baking soda then tap your skin to dry. Apply again the sunless tanning lotion uniformly on the part of your skin that needs a minor repair.

Tip #7: Look for other options to fix the disaster.

If you want to repair the tan on your face, you can use tinted moisturizers and makeup. You can also use witch hazel to eliminate the blemishes by massaging it on your skin. Another way to repair the sunless tanner damage is to massage whitening toothpaste on the particular area and leave it there for a few minutes prior to washing off. Lastly, never put on lotions or oils straightly prior to putting on the sunless tanning product because it will result to streaking.

These are things you must take note of when you want to fix the disasters caused by sunless tanners. They are not that hard to do. All you need is to give things some thought and do as instructed.

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