How to Use Low and High SPF Sun Tanning Lotion

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What is SPF? It stands for Sun Protection Factor. This is often found in sunscreen products and tanning lotions. SPF is available in various ranges, typically from 2 to 70. In the case of tanning lotions though, you may get SPF at lower ranges, usually below 6. Now, let us get to know more about how to use low and high SPF sun tanning lotion.

Using Low SPF Sun Tanning Lotion

Tip #1: Assess your skin type.Low and High SPF Sun Tanning Lotion

The skin responds to the harmful rays of the sun depending on your skin type. You have to assess this to get the right SPF for your sun tanning lotion. An SPF of 2 in a tanning lotion allows you to stay in the sun for twice longer than usual without the worry of getting your skin burned.

Tip #2: Choose sun tanning lotion with skin recovery effects.

When you are exposed to the harmful rays of the sun, you have to expect that you may harm your skin. It is then important to see to it that the sun tanning lotion will not dry your skin. Make sure it contains moisturizers like shea and cocoa butter. Aloe Vera is a good ingredient as well.

Tip #3: Use the lotion properly.

Exfoliating is important with a low SPF sun tanning lotion. This will slacken dead skin cells. Also, you must take note that such types of tanning lotion should be consumed within a year after you have purchased one. This is to ascertain yourself that the ingredients will not deteriorate in terms of effectiveness. Furthermore, you should apply the product liberally on your skin. Make sure your body is adequately covered with the tanning lotion. If needed, you should reapply the lotion when you sweat much.

Using High SPF Tanning Lotion

Tip #1: Appreciate what high SPF tanning lotions are.

High SPF tanning lotions provide extra protection to the skin. The higher the SPF of the sun tanning lotion the more protection you get when you go under the sun for tanning purposes.

Tip #2: Make a choice.

High SPF tanning lotions are made both for outdoor and indoor tanning. As mentioned, high SPF versions of tanning lotions will give you license to stay under the sun for a longer period of time. If in case you cannot withstand the sun’s UV rays, you may consider lying in a tanning bed after using high SPF lotion.

Tip #3: Choose the right product.

There are various types of high SPF tanning lotions. Some are made for indoor tanning purposes; others for outdoors. Know where you will tan to be able to choose the right product.

Both low and high SPF sun tanning lotions are made for your skin’s protection during the tanning process. If there will come a time for you to make a choice as to which type to use, you simply need to consider one thing. This is the fact by which you should stay under the tanning bed or under the sun.

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