How to Tan in a Standing Tanning Bed Using 6 Tips

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Standing tanning beds are better favored techniques of acquiring tan for a lot of individuals for the reason that they were able to obtain a speedier tan inside the device. It is also considered that achieving tan through this is a lot germ-free than tanning naked on the tanning bed facade. You can also obtain the uniformed tan you want from stand up tanning beds, particularly if you prepared yourself very well before undertaking standing tanning session. For those of you who want to tan in standing tanning bed, here are some tips to bear in mind first.Standing Tanning Bed

Tip #1: Prepare

It is important that you should exfoliate your skin very well the night prior to intending to get tan. Dead skin will not be eliminated and will lead to asymmetrical blemishes on your tan if you won’t do this. Add to this, you must also shield your hair from the tanning solution by utilizing a spray-in conditioner. Medium-length or long hair must be fastened above your head to make sure that you will not obtain tan line at the back of your neck. Furthermore, it is important that you should put on an excellent moisturizer onto your skin prior to going inside the tanning cubicle.

Tip #2: Position

Stand at the center of the cubicle and grasp the shafts on top of the cubicle to make sure that you will obtain the same tanning exposure beneath your arms. You must also put on protective eye wear to prevent the mist from getting into your eyes.

Tip #3: Proper Tanning

As soon as you concluded the tanning session, be sure to put on a moisturizer once again on your skin. If you want to obtain a uniformed darker tan, you can buy tanning accelerators which can help you achieve the tan you desires. Do not utilize a standing tanning bed more than 20 minutes simultaneously.

Tip #4: Wait

Before repeating your tanning session, you should wait for about 24 hours or longer. Do this if the method you used is the standing tanning bed to achieve the outcomes you desire just like when you utilize the regular lay-down tanning bed.

Tip #5: Stay Comfy

One of the reasons for using the stand up tanning bed is you will feel more comfortable inside it. This is due to the ceiling fan within it that keeps the customers fresh all throughout the tanning procedure.

Tip #6: Consider Hygiene

It is also considered extra sanitary because the only part of your body that touches the area which someone had used is your feet. This is unlike when you use the conventional tanning bed wherein the entire body is in direct contact to the bed that lots of individuals had already used. You can also use slippers inside the standing tanning cubicle if you are bothered that you might acquire infection from its floor.

Therefore, if you really want to acquire an excellent looking tan in no time at all, consider having it using standing tanning beds. You can still acquire similar outcomes like the tanning bed in a lesser time every session. Plus, you will only have a small number of sessions to get tanned.

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