Stand-Up Tanning Tips

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Included in the many ways of getting tanned is the stand-up tanning booth or the upright tanning which helps you attain the sexy tan all-over your body in just a matter of minutes at the salon. Tanning salons have been offering different varieties when getting your skin tanned and the most popular one must be the traditional tanning beds. However, because the stand-up tanning booths provide an all-over coverage plus amplified UV strengths, they are becoming more and more popular to tan aficionados. With stand-up tanning, you could opt to get tanned wearing bathing suits, undergarments or go in the nude; whatever tickles your fancy. If you go naked, you will be spared from the tan lines. On the other hand, if you do stand-up tanning with your bathing suit on, some parts of your body will be protected from the UV rays. A few other stand-up tanning tips can be found below.

Stand-Up Tanning Tips

Stand-Up Tanning Tips

Tip #1 – Searching for the Best Tanning Salon

Walk-in clients at tanning salons are very much welcomed but it is still best to make an appointment at a highly regarded tanning establishment. When searching for a salon to go to, you may use the internet to do the searches. There are websites where you can find directories of local tanning salon businesses. You may also read various reviews about these salons.  Be sure to choose the tanning salon which maintains and cleans its pieces of equipment. When calling the salon to inquire, always ask how the bulbs in the equipment have been changed. New bulbs mean greater in strength and you should therefore be able to finish the session faster than usual.

Tip #2 – Exfoliating

It is a prerequisite to any tanning session that you should exfoliate dead skin cells first. You may use a loofah when doing this to eliminate any dead skin from the body. Apply a moisturizer after. This process helps in lengthening the tan on your skin.

Tip #3 – Using Protective Eyewear

UV bulbs found in stand-up tanning beds emit strong rays and can potentially damage your eyes. It is imperative to wear protective eyewear before entering the booth to prevent your eyes from getting harmed. You may bring your own tanning goggles but if you do not have any, you may obtain a pair from the salon.

Tip #4 – Going to the Salon Early

You may arrive at the salon earlier than expected so that you could inspect the booth you will use for the session. You will be able to find out if the equipment has been properly cleaned. By going in early you may also be able to discuss with the staff as to how long the tanning session will last.

Tip #5 – Right Position When Tanning

When in the tanning booth, remember to spread your legs shoulder-width apart. Your arms should be on your side. Around middle of the tanning session, bring your arms straight upwards in a way that the UV rays could shine through the undersides of the arms.

Do not be intimidated to get tanned in a stand-up tanning booth. It is not hard as some people would think. You only have to be prepared before getting the tan and you should be alright.

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