About Stand Up Tanning Beds

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Stand-up tanning beds are special tanning booths that look typically like a phone booth. It has a large space enough to accommodate your hands while you stretch them during the tanning process. These are considered great tanning alternatives since they lessen the time by which you need to get tanned. Let us get to know more about stand up tanning beds.

What’s with the booth?

Stand Up Tanning BedsThe booth is an essential part of the stand up tanning bed. It is that part where you will stand during the tanning process. The booth of this type of tanning bed makes use of stronger light bulbs that will cast artificial UV rays on your skin. They are stronger because the aim of the booth is to make you tan quicker than when using other types of tanning beds. The booth is typically circular in shape and uses up to approximately 60 UV bulbs.

How will you use the booth?

It all starts with considering what you will wear during the tanning process. You may go naked if the tanning booth is privately installed in your home. You may also wear swimsuit if you want. Also an important part of using the tanning booth is setting the timer. In a tanning salon, the attendant will set the time for you. At home, you may do it yourself.

You must also stand in the center of the tanning booth. If in case you lose balance, do not fret. You may hold on to special rails found in this type of bed. You can raise your arms in the process so that your armpits and other hidden body areas will be tanned perfectly.

What are the advantages of using stand up tanning beds?

Aside from the fact that you will be able to tan quickly inside this tanning bed, there are yet other advantages to enjoy. One is the fact that you get an even tanned skin right after undergoing the process. This is because of the fact that you do not lie down and increase the chance of missing that part when you need to tan your back. The mist from the tan will be casted all over your body in the process. This will get rid of pressure points when tanning. Remember to wear protective eyewear so as to keep your eyes protected.

Another important advantage of using stand up tanning beds boils down to the fact that it is more sanitary than versions when you are required to lay down. Your body does not touch any other surface. It is only your feet that go in direct contact to the device. This will give you a safer and better feeling of undergoing a tan in a tanning bed.

These are facts to learn in order to appreciate stand up tanning beds. You have seen that they are indeed quicker to use, are more sanitary and provide an even tan to your skin. Now, it is high time to decide whether or not you are ready to make use of one.

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