6 Spray Mist Tanning Tips You Must Know

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Getting your skin tanned does not just have to mean going out under the sun and stay there for at least an hour. Because of the many products made available by many manufacturers these days, you could apply some especially made ones to your skin. These include the spray mist tanning type which is normally found on tanning salons. Below, you will find a number of tips which will help you achieve a more pleasant and professional tanning experience.

Spray Mist Tanning Tips

Spray Mist Tanning Tips

Tip #1 – Know More About the Spray Tanning Solution

If you want to know more about spray mist tanning, do not be afraid to ask the spray tanning salon where you will be having the tanning session. The first thing you need to inquire about is the tanning solution the salon makes use of. After that, look into the brand and name. Everyone knows that not all brands are the same. Some products are just simply better in quality than others. Do not overlook this detail. Make sure you spend a few minutes of your time doing research like reading reviews and articles about the brand so that when you finally make up your mind about getting a spray tanning, you would know which brand to go for.

Tip #2 – Know About Barrier Creams

When using spray mist tanning, many salons utilize barrier creams which are applied to specific parts of the body that you do not like to get tanned. Ask the tanning salon if they use barrier creams. However, if they say yes this does not mean you have to get the tan on that salon. If they use barrier creams then head out and look for another salon that does not. Barrier creams are synonymous to careless work so you should get tanned in a salon that provides more professional work.

Tip #3 – Exfoliate and Moisturize

Before going to the salon to get spray mist tanning, you should first need to do some exfoliation to your skin. Right after exfoliating the dead skin cells, apply moisturizer to your skin. These two processes will ensure a better tanned look after the spray tanning session. Also, never use any makeup when you go to the tanning salon as cosmetics may produce some unsightly outcome to the tan.

Tip #4 – Know About the Clothes to Wear

You should know what clothes to wear not while you are getting the tan but after. It is highly suggested that you wear loose clothes right after the tanning session. Make sure that the clothes are not light in color and are inexpensive. You will not want tan smudges on expensive clothing or you might go crazy.

Tip #5 – No to Excessive Sweating

After the spray tan, you may want to steer clear from activities that lead to excessive sweating. Tan may take time to develop properly and sweats and water could hinder the development. Be patient. When the salon expert tells you not to bathe for at least a specific number of hours then you should heed the warning or else you may get spotted tan instead of a flawless-looking one.

Tip #6 – Know How to Maintain the Tan

To maintain your tan, you need to moisturize your skin at least once a day. The moisturizer should be natural because some chemicals from other moisturizers may affect the tanning process causing the color to fade faster than normal. Also, refrain from swimming in the pool because the chlorine could also make the tan fade. Cleaning detergents will also affect the color and it is better to be careful when using these products.

If you keep to these spray mist tanning tips, you will be able to get the most out of your spray mist tanning session. It is also important not to stress about the session if you are a first-timer. Do not be overly conscious about the session either. The tanners are professionals and must have seen bodies of different colors and sizes. So when you think of getting a spray mist tanning, relax, breathe, and enjoy the experience.

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