5 Tips to Always Stay Safe at a Tanning Salon

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Imagine yourself inside a tanning salon. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the different tanning booths used by various customers who visit the salon from time to time? That can be a good or a bad scenario depending on the ambience of the tanning salon. But you can still stay safe at a tanning salon if you want to. The secret lies in some tips to help you with.

Tip #1: Protect your eyes.

Using goggles, you will be able to do that. Disposable goggles are available in various tanning salons and it won’t hurt if you will ask for one. These goggles will help prevent UV damage on your eyes so it is always better to be safe than sorry later on. Make sure the goggles are clean enough for your safety.

Tip #2: Tan slowly but surely.

Stay Safe at a Tanning SalonIf it is your first time to step into a tanning booth in a tanning salon, it would be advisable to ask about how much time you should spend as a first timer to the endeavor. Make sure the salon attendant will be able to explain the importance of tanning slowly but surely in a tanning booth. Also, you should see to it that she advises you to increase your time under the booth as you progress with different tanning sessions.

Tip #3: Never rush the process.

This is the same as tip #2. Additionally, you have to consider the interval by which you make a visit to the tanning salon. Usually, you need a one-day interval but tanning once every two days is also ideal. This will allow you to adjust to the process. It is also your license to protect your skin from the harmful UVB or UVA rays casted by the tanning booth.

Tip #4: Never go to a tanning process unless you are ready for it.

Are you itching to have sun-kissed glowing skin because you are envious of Hollywood stars you see on screen? If this is the only reason you have to get tan then forget about it. Tanning must be seen as a process that will decrease your chances of getting sunburn. If your skin burns easily, it is not advisable for you.

Tip #5: Protect your whole body.

How will you be able to do that? It is as simple as allowing your skin to adapt and adjust to the tanning sessions you attend to in tanning salons. Make sure you are allowed tom wear sunscreen inside the tanning booth. See to it that you may also wear sun block over your face. This is the best way to get your body protected in the entire process.

Apart from all mentioned tips above, there is yet one more advice to consider when it comes to safe tanning in a salon. You should choose your salon wisely; one with a good reputation and has been receiving rave reviews from those who have tried using these centers. When you have chosen a quality tanning salon, then there’s reason to believe that you are safe.

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