6 Tips to Get Natural Looking Tan with a Tanning Bed

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Not all of us know it but tanning provides a lot of advantages to the skin apart from providing the sun-kissed glow you desire. Basically, tanning is a process for you to get rid of the itch and discomfort brought about by sunburn. This will also render a great amount of vitamin D to help maintain cell growth in the body. Well, you have to experience natural tanning at its best. In this page, get to know how you will get natural looking tan with a tanning bed.

Tip #1: Fill up a questionnaire.Get Natural Looking Tan with a Tanning Bed

That’s if you are going out to a tanning salon to use their tanning bed. Questions regarding skin tone and type should be answered correctly. This will be used by the salon personnel to determine how much time you should spend inside the tanning booth.

Tip #2: Decide on how much tan you want your skin to be.

Do not be afraid to lay down your cards and be honest about the tan color you want to have. This will help you know how many times you may have to visit the salon. It’s logical to presume that you need to tan more often than usual if you intend to have darker skin.

Tip #3: Use a tanning lotion.

Preparing the skin for the process is crucial to develop your base tan from the tanning bed. Indoor tanning lotions are available. Before you apply one, you have to check with what is compatible for the tanning bed you use. This will help you get tan more naturally. You may also want to check on components of the tanning lotion you are using.

Tip #4: Set your time for the endeavor.

You need to have a schedule for the tanning process if you want to maintain natural tanning results. You need to discuss matters with the salon attendant regarding how much time you are willing to spend for a week in the booth. You may have to lengthen your stay under the tanning booth if you have lesser days available for a tanning session. But make sure you do not overdo the process.

Tip #5: Do not do it as often as you desire.

Always heed the advice of the experts when it comes to tanning in a tanning bed. Otherwise, you may get orange looking skin and not the sun-kissed glow that you desire. The orange look will make it unnatural.

Tip #6: Position your arms properly while tanning.

Do not be too stiff while tanning; meaning there is no such thing as hands on your sides during the process. You need to lift your arms once in a while during the process. If you want your arms to be the same color as that of your body, then you have to lift your arms occasionally in the course of the endeavor.

These are but a few things to remember when tanning in a tanning bed. If you intend to make it look more natural then be sure these tips will guide you in the course of the process.

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