6 Tips on How to Prepare for Mystic Tan and Have Successful Results

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The promise to give you that bronze skin is one thing you look forward to with a Mystic Tan. The spray-on tan really does that however you also have to know more about how to prepare for Mystic Tan before you even jump in the hot tub. The secret then is to read the tips below to get the look you want out of this tanning option.

Prepare for Mystic Tan

Prepare for Mystic Tan

Tip #1: Knowing what to do a day before applying the tan.

It is important to do these three things: exfoliate; shave; and prepare. When you exfoliate, you have to do so with your whole body. This will make sure that old skin will be removed for a newer one. You also have to shave your legs to be able to help your follicles recover during the tanning process. Of course, you also have to prepare things to wear during the tanning session.

Tip #2: Knowing what to do on the day of the session.

You must have a couple of things on hand during the day. You need a hair net to cover all of your hair. Then you also need a cream that should be blended in your hands. This cream should then be applied on your feet particularly on the sides and the cuticles of your toes. You should also have the cream applied on the cuticles of your hands.

Tip #3: Knowing the properties of the Mystic Tan.

The Mystic Tan is a UV-free product that can be used as a sunless tanning alternative. It is usually done under a tanning booth providing you the bronzed look you have ever wanted. It works with the aid of an airbrush that can be used for the application process.

Tip #4: Knowing when to prepare.

The Mystic Tan does not require you too much time to prepare for the tanning process. Compared to other tanning options that require weeks of preparation, this sunless tanning option will only suggest you take a day of preparation. The tan takes a few sessions to give you the utmost result you want but is well worth it.

Tip #5: Knowing the limitation when using the Mystic Tan.

Actually, there are no limitations as to using these tanning options. You can start by having two sessions a week then gradually changing it to a once-a-week session. However, for those of you who want to get darker with this alternative, the option is to have as more sessions as you want.

Tip #6: Knowing the process behind the Mystic Tan.

You stand on top of grounded plates during the process. During the first session, expect that your skin color remains the same as the time when you went inside the tanning booth. Then after waiting around 5 hours, you will notice that the spray tan works through oxidation. This will then change the color of your skin carefully into a bronzed one.

The Mystic Tan takes some time before its results can be seen. This is the reason behind why you have to prepare for the process. In preparing, you have to know several things and these are part of the tips discussed above.

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