6 Important Mystic Tanning Tips to Remember

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More and more people are into Mystic Tan. The interest in the process sparks from the fact that it is a quick process to get that tanned skin you want. However, like any other methods of tanning, Mystic Tan is crucial, meaning, you have to follow some pieces of advice to enjoy results. With this said, you need Mystic Tanning tips to abide with.

Tip #1: Exfoliation is important

Mystic Tanning TipsWe all know that exfoliation is crucial when preparing the skin for a tan. In the case of Mystic tanning though, exfoliation means doing the process daily and not just before the tan. You need to do it a few days before you undergo the tanning process. Using a loofah will be of great help in the process. Special care must be given to the knees and elbows.

Tip #2: Posture is important.

Your posture is also a crucial factor in getting the Mystic Tan to work just right. You need to stretch your arms on your side with your palms facing the floor of the stand-up tanning bed. Also you must make sure that your chin is positioned tilting upwards.

Tip #3: Make a choice.

There are various choices to make when undergoing the Mystic Tan process. You will be required to consider three various levels of tanning. You should talk with a consultant when it comes to this process.

Tip #4: Protect yourself.

The skin is sensitive to the UV rays of the sun. The same is true for light coming from the Mystic Tan process. In this regard, you need: lotion for your lips and nostrils; sunscreen for your face; unscented body lotion for your body; and barrier cream for the hair. Also, you need to have loose clothing ready.

Tip #5: Appreciate the process.

Mystic Tan is a very quick process, as already mentioned. In fact, it will only take a minute to stand up and get the tan you want. How quick can that process be? The quickness of the process should not make you worry about the results though. The most important thing to bear in mind is you have done the posture tips correctly to get an even sprayed tan.

Tip #6: Do the process right.

Since this tanning process goes quickly, you need to know how to do the process right. From the first mist, you need to tilt or turn your body moving from right to left and then go through your back. Once you hear that the mist stops, you can look at the nozzles in such a way that you are facing them. For the second mist, you need to close your eyes then go to your right side again. Wait for another minute before you get off the booth.

The process is so simple but remember to get off the barrier cream from your body. Paper towels are available over-the-counter. You can then proceed to rubbing the unscented lotion to both your feet and hand. Remove your loose clothing and change only after 20 minutes have elapsed.

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