Indoor Tanning Pros and Cons

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You might consider getting a tan from a salon or from your own tanning device if you think your skin is so pale, especially during the winter. Both techniques are safe to use to achieve a healthy glow and can even help combat seasonal affective disorder. Although easy to use, tanning indoors can be pricey and increase your chances of skin cancer. This is the reason behind why you have to weigh indoor tanning pros and cons.Indoor Tanning

Pro #1: Indoor tanning can generate Vitamin D.

The UV rays emitted by tanning beds can help the body create Vitamin D which is important to avoid bone diseases. Enough Vitamin D in your body prevents you from having breast, colon, and prostate cancer. But Vitamin D can also be dangerous in excessive amounts. The risk of skin tanning outweighs any Vitamin D benefits.

Pro #2: Using this device is so convenient.

Indoor tanning can give you a healthy glowing skin when the weather is not sunny outside. Getting a tanned skin is possible at very late hours in the night or even very early in the morning. Spending 2 to 3 minutes in a tanning bed is all you need to achieve a healthy glowing skin. What’s more? A few sessions in a tanning salon would cost less than going for a weeklong vacation to a sunny location.

Pro #3: Indoor tanning helps you reduce sunburn.

This is by providing you with a safe way to get tanned. If exposed to the sun, a person can get sunburned after 30 minutes of exposure. But a person can stay for a few minutes more if he/she uses a tanning bed to acquire the first base tan.

Pro #4: Tanning beds were also found to relax people who used them.

A study shows that 96% of the volunteers picked tanning beds with UV lights to be more relaxing and improved their moods. These made tanning beds a stress-free option.

Con #1: It can lead to some skin problems.

But tanning beds have 95% UVA light and 5% UVB light. According to researchers, UVB light has been linked to sunburn and skin cancer while UVA is said to be the cause of premature aging of the skin and also skin cancer. People who are exposed to sun or tanning beds are still exposed to the harmful UV rays.

Con #2: Its use can result to addiction.

According to the study conducted by Fox Chase Cancer Center, tanning bed users can become dependent or addicted if constantly used. This kind of addiction is called tanorexia. Adolescents and adults are likely to develop dependency to tanning beds. The symptoms are similar to those drug and alcohol addiction.

Con #3: It poses other health risks.

UV radiation levels to the eye can be 100 times greater in tanning beds than natural sunlight. Cataracts, burn to the eyes, and even retinal damage can be the risk. It is so important to use the proper eye protector when using tanning beds.

There are some pros and cons to consider with indoor tanning. You have to weigh them accordingly before using one.

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