How to Use 6 of the Best Anti Aging Indoor Tanning Lotions

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The ultraviolet rays of the sun can be damaging but there are other ways to get a tan. Some indoor tanning products can even help you fight the signs of aging. Indoor tanning lotions contain vitamins and firming ingredients to prevent wrinkles and age spots. These lotions can also help repair the damaging effects of the sun from too much exposure. Here are examples of anti-aging indoor tanning lotions and how you can make use of them.Anti Aging Indoor Tanning Lotions

Tip #1: Using Juicy Code

This is an anti-aging tanning lotion that contains bronzers and some natural ingredients to help you fight skin aging. One of its main ingredients is the matrixly which has been proven to fight wrinkles and premature aging of the skin. Juicy Code also has caffeine as well as white and green tea extracts to help firm sagging skin. Juicy Code is available in an 11-oz. bottle.

Tip #2: Using Believe

This is an anti aging indoor tanning lotion released by Designer Skin. Main ingredients are Lipoic acid and Phytoage which helps fight aging. Copper PCA and white birch extract are also included to firm the skin. It has a sweet smell of pomegranate peach and available in 13.5 oz. bottle.

Tip #3: Using OC Overnight Celebrity by R-Sun

This lotion has anti-aging ingredients plus 4x bronzers with DHA and walnut extract to enhance the tanning process. This lotion also prevents fine lines and wrinkles caused by UV rays that you get in tanning beds. Dimethicone is also one of the ingredients to keep your skin baby smooth. It has a scent of crème brulee and is available in 12-oz. bottle.

Tip #4: using LIV by Devoted Creations

This lotion helps the skin from aging and will also leave it with an all-natural tan. Common tanning lotions will leave your skin with an orange color, but LIV doesn’t. It contains tyrosine which will keep the color longer. This lotion keeps your skin taut and prevents UV rays from making it look rough and old. The scent is Tahitian rain and it is available in a 7-oz. bottle.

Tip #5: Using Ambrosia 360

This is an anti-aging product that’s ideal if you want to have the base tan. This product is half lotion and half gel, that makes it different compared to other tanning lotions. Vitamins A and C are the main ingredients in this product. The combined Vitamins helps in fighting skin aging. Ambrosia will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. The scent is banana coconut and is available in a6.8-oz. bottle.

Tip #6: Using Instant Sunless Tanning Lotion

This is a product of Au Courant and is designed to achieve a natural tan color instantly. This product is an aloe vera based formulation that contains some botanicals and vitamins. It is non-greasy, streak free and is quick to dry. A bronzer is included in this product to help deepen and prolong the tan color on the skin.

Most indoor tanning lotions are created to enhance the skin tone and provide maximum health benefits to fight the signs of aging such as wrinkles. Most of these products contain botanicals and vitamins to help maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin while tanning.

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