4 of the Most Common Reminders under Indoor Tanning Lotion Tips

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Everybody seems to be interested to have a tanned skin. Well, others who used to be fair-skinned wanted to join the trend especially that they see celebrities joining the league of tanned men and women. The good news is there are options to having that sun-kissed glow on your skin. One of which is through the use of indoor tanning lotions. Discover indoor tanning lotion tips to learn the wonders of this tanning option.

Most Common Reminders under Indoor Tanning Lotion

Most Common Reminders under Indoor Tanning Lotion

Tip #1: Preparation is important.

You must always start by cleaning your body and by cleaning, we mean taking a shower. This is also the time to shave key areas that need shaving. Take note that this process must be done some time before applying the tanning lotion on your skin. Doing it several minutes before the session won’t help especially that a stinging sensation may be brought about by doing so. A part of preparation is to exfoliate your body as well making sure that unwanted residues are removed and that your skin will be smooth for the tanning process.

Tip #2: Apply the tanning lotion correctly.

Indoor tanning lotions do have chemicals or ingredients that make them stay on the skin for a longer period than you have expected. However, you also have to take note that the process will not yield the results you want unless you make the effort to apply indoor tanning lotions correctly. The secret starts by washing your hands thoroughly once you have applied the lotion. Get rid of the dirt and stain it may cause you by using a soapy brush. Doing this tip will give you a more natural and even effect of the tanner on your skin.

Tip #3: Do not dress immediately after application.

Most of you are in a hurry to dress up after getting a tan. That is a common mistake you share with other people out there. This is not the right way to do things. Otherwise, the result will be blotches not only on your skin but on your dress as well. You have to take note that it takes several minutes before the tan dries up. Have as much patience as you need to wait for the tan to dry before you get your clothes on or even before you lay in bed.

Tip #4: Take note of your belly button.

It is important to watch out some other parts of your body during the tanning process. The navel or belly button is just one you should be cautious about during the session. There is a tendency that the liquid from the lotion will collect on the area thus resulting to a darker navel that seems to look dirty. It is best to have a moisturizer and cotton ball at hand as these will help you wipe off any excess liquid falling off your navel during the session.

Using indoor tanning lotions will help give you a quick fix to your desire to get tan. It is such a good news that this option is readily available for your consumption. Just the same though, you have to bear the above-mentioned indoor tanning lotion tips in mind to yield results.

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