How to Make a Compact Home Tanning Canopy with 4 Steps

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Making a compact home tanning canopy can only take a small amount of space compared to traditional tanning bed. These home tanning beds are also adjustable and portable, that will allow you to change the direction and path of the UV lighting. You can make your own tanning bed canopy at home in an hour using simple materials. You may need to ask some help from your friends to make this possible.Compact Home Tanning Canopy

Step #1: Start the work with some basics.

Make sure to put on a welder face shield before you start working. Start by placing the 3-foot steel pipe between the two 2-foot steel pipes. Form a U-shape by welding it together and then position the 4-foot steel pipe perpendicular to the 3-foot pipe. To create a metal post, center the 4-foot pipe and weld it to the 3-foot pipe. Measure the 3-inch section of steel pipe and position it at the end of the 4-foot pipe so that it is parallel to the floor. Weld the piece to the top edge of the 4-foot pipe.

Step #2: Weld some metal pieces together.

Bring into line a 74-inch x 4-inch strip of metal with the side of the 74-inch x 33-inch piece of metal sheet to be perpendicular to the large sheet of metal. Weld them together, and prepare the second 74-inch x 4-inch strip. Cut a 1-inch hole directly in the middle of the strip. Line up the strip with the second long edge of the 74-inch x 33-inch metal sheet and weld the pieces together.

Step #3: Create an open-box construction.

To create an open box construction, weld the 33 x 4-inch strips to each end of the 74 x 33-inch of metal sheet. Place 10 lamp holders width 3 inches apart to one of the 33 x 4-inch strips. Attach the 10 S12 lamp starters 3 inches apart parallel to the 33 x 4-inch strip. Wire the lamp holders to a choke ballast and wire lamp starters to the capacitor. Fix the electrical wire and plug to the capacitor and attach to the universal on/off switch. Position the 3-inch section of the pipe that extends to the 4-foot vertical metal post into the hole about 1-inch deep that you made in the long edge of the open box construction. Place 2 arm bracket clamps, bolts, and square washers in place on the interior of the tanning bed canopy construction.

Step #4: Put the tanning bulbs.

Put the 10 tanning bulbs. Remove debris in the tanning bulb by cleaning it using a bulb cleaner. Position the 76 x 35-inch acrylic lining with screws over the tanning bulbs. Plug the tanning canopy to a 120 volt dedicated circuit connected to a 15-amp circuit breaker via the 120-volt Nema 5-15R receptacle. Place the tanning bed under the device and pillow.

Place the home tanning canopy in the desired area by adjusting the arm brackets and bolts on the 3-inch pipe inserted in the canopy. Put a cooling fan and use them when canopy is in use. Don’t forget to test the device before using it.

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