5 Tips to Get Dark Tan in a Tanning Bed

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There are pretty much a lot of things to consider when you want your skin to be tan in terms of color. You may have to go out under the sun from time to time to get the color you want. You may also consider using tanning products for the process. Also, you may invest in a tanning bed or use one from a tanning salon. In this particular page, let us get to see how you will get dark tan in a tanning bed. Consider this task moderately easy as long as you follow the tips mentioned below.

Tip #1: Know the number of sessions you need in the process.

Get Dark Tan in a Tanning BedA single tanning session in a tanning bed is not enough to get dark tan. You may need to visit a salon several times within two weeks to see the results. You may need up to eight sessions to achieve that darker glow in your skin. This means you have to get tan in a tanning bed once every other day.

Tip #2: Stay longer in the tanning bed.

Some of you may be afraid to stay longer in a tanning bed. In fact, you may want to stay for approximately 10 minutes each session. If you want to get darker tan, you have to make sure you stay longer in the tanning bed as well. Make sure that you do not expose your skin too much to the UVA. You may need expert advice as to tanning time in here.

Tip #3: Develop and maintain your base tan.

The base tan is crucial to the depth of the color you want from the tanning process. You have to develop it by means of going consistently to a tanning salon and having experts do the job for you. When you have developed your base tan, it is also time to maintain it. Maintenance requires a twice a week visit to a tanning salon.

Tip #4: Your diet is crucial.

Some of you may laugh this tip off and say: “What does diet have to do with achieving a darker skin tan from a tanning bed?” Well, before you raise your eyebrows regarding this piece of advice, you have to remember that there are good sources of beta-carotene that will help diminish sunburn out of tanning. The list includes vegetables and fruits like celery, tomatoes and carrots. You need plenty of these food items in your pantry when tanning to keep your tan and to make sure you will not get burns from the process.

Tip #5: Keep your skin moisturized at all times.

What can be better to maintain a tan than to have moisturizers on hand? You can start with moisturizing soaps and end with moisturizing lotions to maintain the dark tan you want. You will need to moisturize to maintain that glow you want on your skin. Otherwise, your skin will look dry and dull and you will not be able to enjoy the results you have always wanted out of a spray tan.

These five tips are considered your secrets to get dark tan in a tanning bed. You may need to take time out to bring these concepts to mind and from there you can begin the job.

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