4 Important Tips on How to Get a Safe Spray Tan

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Tanning has been an ‘in’ thing ever since Hollywood celebrities flaunted their sun-kissed glowing skin in front of the public. Many ordinary people were envious of that golden tan color. This is the main reason why others go out under the sun to get the color they want for their skin. The problem with sun tanning is that it can be dangerous to one’s skin and may even lead to skin cancer. This is especially so when the process is done improperly. What is your option then to get that sun-kissed glow on your skin? Get a safe spray tan and you are on your way to great looking brown hued skin. How will you be able to do that?

Tip #1: ExfoliateGet a Safe Spray Tan

Exfoliating the skin washes off dead skin cells from within. Exfoliating is necessary for you to be able to enjoy results of a safe spray tan. Exfoliate during the evening, or specifically that night before you get a spray tan. You may get a sponge or better yet a loofah. Exfoliating body washes are also available in the market. In this process, you also need to use a lotion specifically after you have bathed under the shower. Dry off your skin to make sure the spray tan will be absorbed naturally.

Tip #2: Shave

Shaving is essential before getting a safe spray tan. If you are afraid of shaving off hair from your skin, then you can visit a spa for the wax treatment. Like exfoliating, this process will wash away dead skin cell fade away. It is then essential to do this before you have a spray tan so as not to drive away the color you want for your skin.

Tip #3: Prepare

Preparation includes some things that you need to take into mind. First, you have to make sure your hair will not bother you in the process. Tie it up or use a hair net to keep it away from your face, shoulders and neck. Second, you also need a moisturizing lotion with you. Apply the lotion on your nostrils, palms and lips. These body parts need not be tanned that is why you have to protect them from the spray tanner.

Tip #4: Apply

Learning how to apply the spray tan on your own is a secret to successful, safe tanning. After you have exfoliated and waxed your skin and after preparing other body parts, you need to consider applying the tan on your own. Make sure that even hard to reach areas will be applied with the spray tan to get an even look for your skin. Good news is there are many spray tans that can reach these areas. If in case you are not sure you can do the task on your own, you may visit a tanning salon.

You can by all means achieve a safe spray tan. It will require some of your time, money and effort. You have to spend some time doing the process. Better have it done on a weekend if you are too busy during weekdays. Rushing the work may just lead to unwanted results.

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