5 Solutions to Remove a Fake Spray on Tan

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A fake tan is a good substitute to natural tan. However, since it is ‘fake’, it won’t take too long for it to look good on you. With this said, you may have to consider removing the fake tan on your skin. How do you actually do that? The secret lies in a few solutions to remove a fake spray on tan.

Solution 1: Using a Tub

Remove a Fake Spray on TanWashing off fake spray tan is possible using only two things in a tub. These two things are baby oil and of course, warm water. Soaking in a tub works by loosening the fake tan that has been there in your body. You may substitute baby oil though with the bubble bath of your choice. Also, you may consider adding baking soda in the tub.

Solution 2: Using Epsom Salt

This works the same way as that of using a tub. In here, you will substitute with ¼ cup of Epsom Salt. You have to stir the mixture until such time that you’ve seen the salt dissolve in the warm water. From there, you may relax in the solution for approximately 15 minutes.

Solution 3: Using a Wash Cloth

Aside from immersing yourself in a tub of warm water with your choice of solutions, you may also consider using a wash cloth to rub off fake spray tan from your body. You may mix baking soda with baby oil then place it in a wash cloth before scrubbing your body. Make sure that the mixture is of paste consistency. Rub your skin using circular movements, as if you are massaging away the fake tan. Exfoliate – perhaps this is a good thing to apply in the process. Exfoliating the skin will help not just remove the fake spray on tan but also to get rid of dead skin cells from down under.

Solution 4: Using Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a great drink that washes away unwanted toxins from the body. Well, it is also a good solution to get rid of fake tans. All you need to do is make a mixture of lemon juice then put it in a body scrub. Then, you can try scrubbing parts of your body with the fake tan and voila! You will be surprised that the fake tan is gone.

Solution 5: Using a Dry Towel

Finishing the entire job is also key to removing the fake spray on tan. You need a dry towel in order to complete the task. The dry towel takes off the residues from the process of soaking, scrubbing and exfoliating. You may also put on lemon slices over the fake tan lines. You will notice that the fake tan will fade away in no time.

These are simple, cheap, natural solutions to remove a fake spray on tan. You need not spend much on items you may buy over-the-counter. All you need are some items found right in your own homes. When you have gathered all what you need and you have followed the steps in the process, there’s no reason you have to quit this task.

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