How to Get the Best Tan for Fair Skin

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Having a great tan is everyone’s wish in order to be beautiful. But for fair-skinned people it’s hard to achieve that nice looking tan. Here are some tips to learn to get the best tan for fair skin.

Tip #1: Apply SPF 30 Sun block Lotion for Protection

A person with fair skin should be careful in tanning under the sun because her skin is easy to burn. She should wear a little sunscreen to keep her skin from being over exposed while tanning. Apply a low SPF sun block for the first 5 days to get that best tan. Besides applying baby oil or Vaseline you still need a sun block protection for the first couple of days. SPF 30 is the best to apply with rather than a lotion with higher SPF. Then lay out under the sun between 8:00-10:00 in the morning for around 30 minutes. The heat of the sun is not that strong yet.Get the Best Tan for Fair Skin

Tip #2: Apply Sun block with a Lower SPF

After 5 days the skin will have a little color. You now have to use sun block with a lower SPF for the next 3-5 days. SPF 15 is recommended so as to allow more of the sun’s rays onto your skin. Although you already have a little color, you still need some protection. Again you can lie out in the morning between 8:00-10:00 for 45 minutes. Be sure not to use “get dark quick” tips products because your skin is not ready yet for this time.

Tip #3: Continue using Suntan Lotion with a Lower SPF

After completing 10 days, you can begin seeing a base tan. You will still use a suntan lotion with an SPF to protect your skin from the sun but not as much as sun block. Suntan lotion can help speed up the tanning process and absorbs the sun. Lather some on your skin and stay out in the sun for 45 minutes. Keep on using this suntan lotion with SPF for 2 weeks and stay out in the sun for not longer than 45 minutes at one time.

Tip #4: Use Suntan oil After Several Weeks of Tanning

After 2 weeks of tanning try to use a suntan oil or an accelerator for the gradual process of tanning. This will help you get the best tan that you desire.

Tip #5: Keep your Skin Hydrated for the Best Tan

After learning how to get the best tan, try to keep your skin moisturized. Don’t forget to use lotion always to keep your skin hydrated. Apply bronzer also once you have a tan. Also, you must be aware of the time limit you must stay under the sun. Start using sun block with SPF 30 and gradually lower the SPF until you have to use suntan lotion alone. If you can see that the time you set is too long then you can reduce the time. You have to stop at once any time you can see that you are burning.

These tips are essential if you feel it is time to kiss that fair skin goodbye. Get the best tan only after you have considered what has been discussed above.

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