4 Faux Tan Application Tips to Remember

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Sunlight is good for the body because it gives us our much needed Vitamin D. However, too much exposure is dangerous due to invisible ultra violet rays which could cause skin cancer and skin damage and aging. Caucasians don’t want to look pale, and oftentimes they resort to exposing themselves under the sun to achieve the desired skin tone. When you feel a bit pale and you want to be glowing and gorgeous for a special event, faux tan application is the best solution. Just make sure you know the right faux tan application tips and techniques that will keep you tan and streak free.

Faux Tan Application Tips

Faux Tan Application Tips

Tip #1: Exfoliate.

Exfoliating your skin 24 hours before faux tan application is the best preparation you can make. Do not ever skip this first step because if you do, there is a possibility of ending up blotchy and streaky. You can always buy a cheap exfoliating scrub in drugstores. You can also use soft cloth such as baby wash cloth every time you shower. Just put enough amount of exfoliating scrub on washcloths and rub it in circular motion on wet skin. Be careful not to overdo the scrubbing for it could irritate your skin.

Tip #2: Moisturize.

To make your skin softer, apply moisturizing lotion or body butter to knees, ankles, elbows, and wrists before applying the faux tan. Do this at least 10 minutes before using the faux tan. This technique will prevent the faux tan from being absorbed too much on those mentioned areas which could give uneven orange color or too much tan. After applying the faux tan, wait again for 10 minutes and again apply moisturizers in that area.

Tip #3: Tan your hands

Make sure you can fully control the movements of your hands when applying a faux tan because this can sometimes be tricky which could result to streaks and orange fingers. To even the tone of your body, it is best if you will also tan your hands after doing the rest of the body. Put a small amount of tanner gel or lotion on the back of one your hands and press it against the back of your other hand. And then rub them against each other to distribute them evenly.

Tip #4: Protect

Wear gloves when handling faux tanner, because it could leave a streak of orange palms after the application. To avoid letting them know that your tan comes from a bottle and not from the sun, always wear tight-fitting gloves before touching the faux tan. Make sure they are fittingly tight at the wrist too. If you will not wear gloves, washing will not remove the orange tint easily. By wearing gloves, you can put more attention in massaging the tanner into the skin than worrying about the tint it will later create in your hands and nails.

Make sure to purchase faux tan with the right shade of color. Faux tan comes in different shades of fair, medium, or dark skin. If stickiness is your concern, use mousse product that absorbs faster into the skin. That way you can apply tanning lotion according to your needs.

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