7 Steps on How to Apply Sunscreen under Makeup

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Shielding your face from the harmful rays of the sun is extremely essential. There are lots of make-up brands that offer UVA as well as UVB sunscreen. However, it is still an excellent initiative to put on sunscreen beneath your make-up foundation to shield your skin from sunburn. Here is how you can apply sunscreen under makeup.

Apply Sunscreen under Makeup

Apply Sunscreen under Makeup

Step 1: Prepare your skin.

The first thing you have to do is to cleanse your face thoroughly before applying anything on it. You can try to use mild soap or light facial cleanser in washing your face. The next step is to dry your face properly so that the sunscreen will be absorbed by your skin completely.

Step 2: Put on the sunscreen on your face.

In doing so, you have to make sure to apply a slight and uniform layer. Normally, a median grown-up needs approximately 1/4 to 1/3 teaspoon of sunscreen to conceal their faces. Try to utilize sunscreen that contains approximately 30 SPF, but you can use sunscreen that has 50 and 60 SPF, depending on how long you will expose yourself under the sun. Make sure to put on sunscreen on the parts of your neck. Do not put any make-up yet for about 10 to 15 minutes or unless the sunscreen is already completely absorbed by your skin.

Step 3: Massage.

Make sure to massage the sunscreen on your face gently so that it will be absorbed completely by your skin. If there are sunscreen extras, make sure to wipe it away with a tissue.

Step 4: Put on the makeup.

After putting on the sunscreen, you can already put on the foundation as usual. If possible, use one that also contains SPF for extra defense. Select a type of foundation makeup that possesses titanium dioxide. It is excellent to put on the foundation by means of a sponge to smooth it out uniformly. Stay away from wiping down the sunscreen.

Step 5: Make sure to utilize a foundation powder on top of your sunscreen.

You can try to use a loose-mineral foundation that contains sunscreen for a more enduring defense on your skin. This will also provide a glossy appearance on your face. Mineral-based makeup is preferred by lots of women because it does not contain oil, talc, dyes, and parabens and this also makes them feel more radiant.

Step 6: Put on a powder foundation that is of superior quality.

Slightly douse the brush or sponge in the powder then put it on your face. You can always put the powder foundation again after exposing yourself under the sun for an extended period or if you had perspired already.

Step 7: Making some extra touches of makeup.

Aside from putting on sunscreen under your makeup, you can also use lipstick with sunscreen under your usual lipstick to spice up its color as well as shield your lips from the sun’s rays. There are certain brands of lipsticks that contain SPF 20. For an extreme calming effect under the sun and for a pleasant gloss, obtain lipsticks that contain safflower-seed oil or fruit extracts.

There are some simple steps to take note of when you want to apply sunscreen under makeup. If you do these over and over again, you will certainly get used to it.

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